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Sailing Career

Sailing Career Thailand - Koh TaoIsland Cruises Sailing Careers
How to start a career in sailing? If you are more interested in sailing we do have opportunities to incorporate you in boating activities such as sailing tuition, crewing, cooking or general boat maintenance.
Regardless of having some yachting experience or having some other trade knowledge that can proof valuable in a sailing career, such as a cooking, carpentry or electrical talent, you are welcome to contact us here.

Beginning a Sailing Career in Thailand

If you haven’t been sailing yet, but you’re interested in getting started, have a look at our Competent Crew Course, where you will learn the basics about sailing.

More Information about Sailing in Thailand & Live aboard Diving

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Find more Information about Thailand and our location and surroundings here: About Sailing Thailand.
If you would like more information about a sailing career with Island Cruises, or you have a question about bareboat charter or chartering a sailing yacht in Thailand, please contact us here.

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  1. Hello,

    I am marketing and graphic design professional with passion for sailing (racing 4 years, including Mac race).

    I am european, currently living in Chicago, but moving to Thailand within next several weeks. I am exploring opportunities of working in sailing industry – my ultimate dream.

    That being said I have a quick question. Do you have any openings or any opportunities to work for your company?

    This is an initial list of things I could help with:

    – Marketing
    – Design
    – Website
    – Social Media
    – Sales (I’m not really good in sales, but I am good in relationships and I could spread a word)
    – Office and daily operations

    – I could do basic sailing training, terminology, etc
    – Crew (crewed charters, corporate sailing)
    – Delivery boats (if possible)
    – Racing (I would like to continue racing if possible)

    Helping with the fleet
    – Maintaining, cleaning, etc…

    Please let me know what you think and if there is a chance to exploring idea further.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Marcin,

      thanks for your interest in working in the sailing industry. We will come back to you via email regarding possibilities to work with our yacht charters.

      1. we are a hard working crew, who looking for a work.
        We have some experince.
        Free and ready to start anytime.
        We can travel around the world.
        Our current location is Hungary/Budapest.
        Please let me know, if you need a crew.
        Best regards
        Zsofia and David

        1. Post
      2. Good day,
        I am very interested in the Sailing/Yachting industry in Thailand.
        I have 10+ years in the industry from small charter Sailing yachts to larger power yachts. I have accumulated many skills in my time as a professional crew member.
        I would be ready to jump in where ever needed, i have excellent people skills along with team driven attitude.
        I would like to forward you my resume for your perusal.

        Kind regards


  2. Hello,
    I have read your webside with great interest and I would like to know whether there are possibilities at the moment to work for your company. Sailing and boating has always been my passion. I am 50 years , sailed many miles on the north sea, the atlantic and the mediterranean sea starting at an age of 8 . I owned and restored 2 classic wooden sailing yachts. I am a dutch citizen, lived 16 years abroad and have a degree in mechanical engineering. From august last year till januari 2013 I have been travelling in Thailand and are now making arrangements to moving there . I plan to be back and stay coming July .
    I have good knowledge of:
    Marine diesel engines
    Mechanical en electrical systems used on board of yachts
    Polyester, epoxy and wood working
    Boat maneuvering in harbours , coastal and offshore navigation
    fluent in dutch, german, english and Spanish language
    sales and marketing
    scuba diving , ( padi open water scuba instructer 04/89)
    I am interested in all activities that can be done related to sailing , maintenance of boats, sales and customer relations etc.
    I would be pleased to explain and motivate my request and look forward to receive your reply.
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Herman,
      thanks for your inquiry. In the moment we are fully staffed. However, by the time you’re intending to arrive in Thailand, the summer season has started and there might be opportunities for some sailing related work. Especially since we are planning on expanding here on Koh Tao to offer dinghy sailing.
      Since you are a scuba instructor as well I reckon that you will pay Koh Tao a visit and we would be happy to catch up and discuss the opportunities.

  3. Greetings.
    Hello i am Robert Cabebe filipino citizen.I have read your website with great interest.I just want to know if theirs is posibility to join your company.I am 27 years old,working on yachts,doing charters,driving boat is always my fashion.I have 3 years experience as deckhand in private and charter yacht middle east,at the moment im captain of 43ft charter yacht meridian around Qatar water.My present location in Middle east Qatar.If you need crew please let me know,or contact me or phone me+974 7702 9198.Thanks

    Best Regards
    Robert Cabebe

  4. Hi,
    my name is Jade Saunders. I was wondering if you have any positions available on your boats? I have just got here from spain. I was doing a charter in ibiza over the last 3 months. I was the stewardess. I did service and looked after the children. If you need staff please let me know so I can fwd you my cv 🙂 Thanks so much
    Best wishes
    Jade Saunders

  5. Hello
    My Name is miles, I am an experienced delivery skipper with over 80 000nm and an Yachtmaster ocean ticket. I have also achieved national status in racing dinghies. I would love to work for your company. If you have any job vacancies and are interested pls let me know and i can send you a copy of my C.V.
    Many Thanks
    Miles Webb

  6. To whom this may concern
    I have family in Thailand and would like to find some work
    My qualifications:
    RYA PB2
    RYA Day Skippers
    Comp Crew
    RYA Radio Certificate
    Diesel Engine certificate
    Certificates of competence:
    Fire prevention and Fire fighting
    Medical First Aid
    STCW code ’78
    Seafarer Medical certificate (eng1)

    I am also well experienced in: (having worked for a construction / maintenance company for 4 years)

    I have other traits that you will find that can benefit you highly
    Please feel free to contact me at anytime
    Regards Geoff Smith

  7. Hi there and thanks for a great website. I am hoping you can help with any job opportunities with your charter company or if you can possibly direct me which areas to look at.
    I have my Master Marina Certificate, and over 1,5mil miles of experience on big ships. I have done a few yacht deliveries from South Africa to Thailand too. I am also a dinghy instructor and am managing a top S.A sailing team.
    My wife has a day skippers and has experience in children teaching and we are both looking at coming to Thailand this coming season…
    Are there any job opportunities for us as a couple?
    Thank you,
    Kind regards

  8. Hello!

    I finished the bareboat skipper course and am searching for a job as a crew member. If you have any opportunity to help me, please let me know.

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