Dinghy Introduction Sailing Course

Discover Dinghy Sailing Course Koh Tao

Discover dinghy sailing on Koh Tao!

Want to try out Dinghy Sailing in your Thailand Vacation?

dinghy sailing course koh tao

sailing course using our hobie

Discover sailing in Thailand, and get the feel what it’s all about, with a qualified dinghy sailing instructor!
This three hour sailing introductory course is designed to give you a taste of the freedom and fun sailing your own boat provides. The course consists of two hours active sailing in our Zuma sailing dinghy, with personal one on one tuition from your private trainer, plus one hour sailing theory.
During the sailing theory lesson you will be familiarized with the basic parts of the boat important for sailing and how it actually works to convert wind speed to boat speed. Then you will rig the boat together with your sailing instructor.
The practical part on the water gives you a taste on how to balance yourself on the boat, steering and adjusting the sails for the different sailing directions relative to the wind.

One on one tuition for an incredible price – Only on Koh Tao!

Koh Tao is generally renowned for the cheapest scuba diving courses on the planet. But Koh Tao is not only famous for diving! Since many years, the island is also known to be a great sailing ground for adventure cruises, with good winds and crystal clear water. Island Cruises now offers the most affordable sailing courses in entire Thailand, well up to the high standards you can expect on our water sports island in the Gulf of Thailand. Click the link if you would like to learn more about Koh Tao.

Price Discover Dinghy Sailing Course Koh Tao

Price:THB 3650
Price includes:live vest, instructor, fully rigged dinghy, full afternoon of sailing lessons (approx. 4h)

Check availability – click here to book your dinghy sailing introductory course

What to bring:

Swim Wear, a T-Shirt and good Sun Screen.
If your aim is, to be able to sail a sailing dinghy all by yourself, please have a look at our 5 Day Dinghy Sailing Course

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