Frequently Asked Questions

What qualification do I need for a crewed or skippered charter?

There are no special qualifications required for a crewed or skippered yacht charter – all you have to do is relax! If there are any water-sports you want to include on your trip (i.e. – scuba diving), then you will need to present the proper license or qualifications. However, swimming and snorkeling is always available at any time of the day – and there are no qualifications needed for that!

What is the standard crew gratuity?

The standard gratuity is around 10% and 15% of the charter fee for the captain to distribute among the crew. According to the 2009 MYBA Captain guidelines: “Gratuities are left at the Charterer’s discretion.” Tips are always greatly appreciated for exceptional service. We at Island Cruises make sure our crew and members of staff are motivated and conscious of the needs of the passengers. They do not become millionaires with type of work, so something additional is generous and always welcomed. “However, it is important to understand that a Charterer is under no obligation to leave a gratuity and at no time should a gratuity be solicited, either verbally or in written form when settling the final account.” (MYBA Captain Guidelines)

If I decide to book a charter, how much is the deposit?

A 50% deposit is due upon signing the charter agreement. The balance is normally due 30-60 days before the start of the charter. Please note that charters that are organized much closer to the date of tour may require different terms of payment. In the case of a short notice charter or day charter, 100% is due upon booking.

I have a special diet. Can I specify the food and wine to be served on board?

The chefs that Island Cruises provide for the yachts are very flexible. They can cater your meals to meet your dietary restrictions. A few weeks before you start sailing charter, we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire concerning all the special needs for each meal.

Is there a special dress code?

Most of the yachts have a strict “no shoes” policy due to the scuffing and scratching shoes can inflict on the decking. However, you can bring slippers or wear inside the cabin only. Otherwise, the dress code is quite informal; we want our guests to feel as comfortable on board one of our yachts as they would in their own home.

Can I celebrate a special occasion on board?

Island Cruises would be honored to help organize any special occasion for you or another party while on board. Just inform us prior to booking so that we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

Is there a separate crew quarter?

Depending on the type of yacht you charter, there may be options for separate crew quarters. Some of the smaller yachts may not be designed for crew rooms; however, several of the larger yachts have this option.

Am I permitted to use the yacht's scuba equipment?

Island Cruises have yachts that are equipped for diving expeditions. However, this is a separate option and is not included in the original charter price. If diving is something you would like to include on your sailing holiday, feel free to check our website for price details or contact us at Island Cruises for more details. You can make bookings for fun dives if you already have a diving license or you can do a scuba diving course with an experienced instructor if time permits.

What is the electrical current on board?

Generally 12V DC, but most yachts have 220-240Volt – 50Hz outlets, but check with us as you may need a plug adaptor too.

Pick up at bangkok airport?

A pick up from Bkk Airport is not possible but we can arrange the tickets to the south of Thailand.