Cooking Class Koh Tao

Thai Cooking Class Koh Tao from our Yacht Crew

The Thai Cuisine

Thai food is healthy, has a huge variety, and on top of it is easy to prepare. The often short preparation saves time and makes the ubiquitously used vegetables and herbs not to loose their vitamins. Now you can learn how to cook delicious and healthy Thai food from our former yacht crew on the paradise island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand.

Learn how to cook Thai food on Koh Tao

Joy offers cooking classes for traditional Thai food without MSG and copious amounts of sugar. We are using mainly seasonal fruits and vegetables because recipes are not carved in stone but freshness is of utter importance. As a Thai person she can give you the right tips and tricks to prepare really authentic Thai food. Through her long years of experience in the Tourism industry, not to forget the years as chef and crew on our sailing yacht, her knowledge of the English language is excellent.

Who is Joy?

Koh Tao Cooking Class Teacher Joy
My name is Sasinan Piadamrong, nick name “Joy”. (Here in Thailand hardly anyone is called by his or her given name but by the nick name given in their early life). Already my journalism studies in Bangkok were financed with a food stall in my home town Chumphon. Doing this, I realized that my real passion is cooking and food. An ideal combination of my other passion, which is traveling, and the preparation of delicious meals, I found working on the sailing yacht of my later partner Alf. Since the birth of our daughter in 2014 I rather stay on land, giving you the opportunity to do Thai cooking classes with me on Koh Tao.
Phad Thai Cooking Class

Our Thai Cooking Class:

  • The cooking classes are mostly private with a maximum occupancy of 4 students.
  • Four dishes of your free choice are prepared – to name a dish Joy is not able to cook you have to be a real specialist in Thai cuisine.
  • Cooking Class duration is 4 hours. In case you would like to participate in shopping for the class, which we encourage since Joy is very happy to share her knowledge about the ingredients, it is about 5 hours all together.
  • Easily repeat the dishes you learned at home – Our Thai Cooking Class Website is constantly growing with more recipes. So you have them always handy where there is internet. Or just print the print friendly version without the pictures.

Thai Cooking Class for vegetarians and people with special dietary needs

A true specialty of Joy is the vegetarian Thai cuisine. At her mums house in Chumphon there is since years only vegetarian food prepared out of religious reasons. No wonder that her repertoire in vegetarian and vegan dishes is massive. So if you like to learn vegetarian or vegan Thai dishes you are at the right address. Her vegetarian students are very happy with what they’ve learned with Joy – Just have a look at the reviews of our vegetarian students on our Thai cooking with Joy Facebook page.

How to book

To book a cooking class with us you can just contact us here or directly through the contact form of our Cooking Class Website

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