Luxury Yacht Sailing Phang Nga Bay

Sailing Thailand – Luxury Yacht Charter Phuket

A luxury yacht charter from Phuket gives you the opportunity to soak in the beauty of Thailand with some of it’s best known landmarks even on a day cruise. The marinas are situated on the East Coast of Phuket with Phang Nga Bay at its doorstep.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a world heritage site boasting Koh Tapu, better known as “James Bond Island” featured in the movie “The man with the golden gun”.
But Phang Nga Bay has a lot more to offer than just one picturesque island. The bay is dotted with a myriad of little islands featuring steep limestone cliffs providing an unforgettable backdrop when lounging on a yacht. Some of these islands, like Koh Hong Phang Nga or Koh Phanak are “Hongs”. Hong is the Thai word for room and in this context it refers to a lagoon like enclosed area only accessible through a narrow gap in the cliffs or a cave tunnel like the lagoons in Koh Phanak or Koh Muk.
In the north of the bay is a gypsy village on stilts great for a stroll through and a good selection of restaurants offering the local cuisine with, of course, emphasis on sea food.
The only down side of Phang Nga Bay is the clarity of the water. This is due to the shallowness of the bay and the high nutrition content of the water – which is good for the sea food and not so good for the visibility.
If crystal clear waters are of importance to you don’t worry. You merely have to adjust the compass heading towards the south.

Sailing destinations South and Southeast of Phuket

On a luxury yacht charter you can dive into those coral laden crystal clear waters, Thailand is famous for, even on a day trip. The closest destination with really great snorkeling is Koh Raya. Only 12 km from the southern tip of Phuket lays Raya Yai and the smaller, uninhabited Raya Noi. While Raya Yai has some stunning beaches and is home to some exclusive resorts, Raya Noi is rather rocky and has the better coral for snorkeling.
A little further lays famous Koh Phi Phi and the other islands SE of Phuket. My recommendation here is only to visit Phi Phi Lei on over night charters. In recent years the popularity, especially of Phi Phi Lei as the location where “The Beach” was filmed, has led to an increase of mass tourism speed boat tours which really spoil the experience for the discerning traveler on a yacht charter. As an over night destination it’s still great since all the speed boats disappear in the afternoon, but if you are underway on a fast vessel for a day you should skip this destination and head right for Koh Hah where some of the best snorkeling and diving in vicinity of Phuket can be found.

Luxury yachts available from Phuket

On deck of luxury yacht Silver Lining
Pnuket, the undisputed yacht charter hub of south east Asia has now in 2017 the biggest amount of luxury yachts available for yacht charter in the region. While there were already several luxurious motor yachts on offer, there were some great additions of sailing luxury yachts in the recent past. Not only that these yachts are nice to look at, but especially in capacity and price they are the ideal yachts for your wedding reception, after wedding party or corporate event.
A good example is the “Shangani” Luxury Sailing Catamaran. She can take up to 60 passengers on day cruises, and with the large group deal, the luxury yacht charter on this vessel comes for less than 100 Euro per head. And there is not only the boat but lunch, soft drinks and even 100 beers and 5 l of wine included in the group price.

More stylish is one of the most recent additions to Phuket’s luxury yacht fleet: The “Silver Lining”. This 104 ft (31.6 m) luxury yacht is a Sparks and Stephens design with stunning lines inviting for a photo shoot of your special event. A large saloon with panoramic views of the surroundings gives you the opportunity to see the tropical surroundings without being exposed to the tropical heat. Both pictures on this post are featuring this luxury yacht.

Of course to take full advantage of a vessel like the “Silver Lining” is chartering her for several days. Only on a over night charter you can make use of the luxuriously fitted cabins and all facilities of the boat. However, the best way to find out which luxury yacht charter really suits you is to contact us and give us as many details as possible how your dream charter should look like.

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