Sailing Thailand – Dive and Sail

This program is not available until the replacement for our sailing yacht Yun Khan arrives on Koh Tao!

Sailing Thailand – Island Cruises VIP Dive and Sail

Scuba Dive and Sail with Island Cruises

The Island Cruises VIP Dive and Sail cruise is like no other diving experience you will ever find! When you are diving with the mainstream in Koh Tao, you sometimes get the feeling you are walking through a large shopping complex with too many unknown people shopping for too many different things. Fact is, the dive sites in Koh Tao can easily become overcrowded. If scuba diving under these circumstances makes you uncomfortable and you’d rather not be with so many divers from different dive centers underwater, you should try our dive & sail cruise!

Sailing Thailand - VIP Sail & DiveWith Island Cruises’ dive and sail, you will have the unique opportunity to sail to a dive site of your choice. A dive site you always wanted to dive at and be more or less alone, or we can make some suggestions as to where the best visibility is found on any given day. In any case, you will be in good hands under the direction of Island Cruises and the expertise of our professional dive team. Other than diving with the masses, you will make your dives from a cool sailing yacht, in a very small and intimate group of maximum four divers. Enjoy this extraordinary sailing cruise to one of the best dive sites of Koh Tao. Dive with optimum light conditions, free from other diving boats and enjoy being underwater with just your small group of divers. Get all the amazing underwater world of Koh Tao has to offer, while being far away from the crowds. Once you’re back on the surface, indulge in the freshly prepared lunch, Island Cruises has provided for you aboard your charter yacht, relax, have a cool drink and tell the stories of your latest underwater experience while we are slowly sailing back to Koh Tao.

Maximum number of guests for our dive and sail trip are 4 People. We supply a professional and certified dive guide and all the diving equipment.

If you need beginner or further diving training you may find diving internships Thailand here.

Sweet Memories of a VIP Dive and Sail day

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Photos by Nicole Allen



What is included and what not on VIP Sail an Dive excursion
Prices include:Prices do not include:
• one dive per person including dive guide• Airline flights, transfers or hotels
Dive Equipment, 1 Tank per person• Holiday and medical insurance
• No sharing with other groups• Rental vehicles or water taxis
• Running cost of yacht (fuel & berthing)• Meals or drinks in restaurants
• Services of Captain & Chef/Hostess• National Park fees when applicable
• lunch, Coffee, tea & iced water• alcoholic drinks
•Transfers to and from your accommodation to your Sailing Yacht

SY Freedom Fargo is also available for fully customized private yacht charter.

All Seasons
2 Person14.000 Thai Baht
3 Person16.000 Thai Baht
4 Person18.000 Thai Baht
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All rates are subject to 7% Government Tax (VAT)

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