Luxury Sailing Cruise Mergui

Myanmar/Burma – Mergui Luxury Sailing Cruise

Mergui Luxury Sailing Cruise Catamaran Cataleya

Duration: 9 Days 8 Nights Aboard SY Cataleya

Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago – 800 islands which are rarely visited and still almost completely undeveloped. Scores of conical peaks are poking up from the water like the sunken volcanoes of a lost world, surrounded by bright blue water turning to pale green where the water thins around the sand bars. The islands are covered in dense jungle of teak, mahogany and strangler figs which grow with such fertility that they seem to devour the islands. About 2000 Moken or Salon people, commonly known as Sea Gypsies still roam the waters of the Mergui Archipelago off the coast of southern Myanmar/Burma. The Salon claim, that the islands were separated from the mainland after a huge mythological flood. Looking at them from a sailing yacht, the story does not seem that far-fetched. It appears like you have the entire Andaman Sea to yourself.  

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Mergui Cruising Route of the SY Cataleya

Mergui Luxury Sailing Cruise – Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 – Mergui Luxury Sailing Cruise start Kawthaung

Young girl plays with one of winches while family relax in background

A family enjoying the beginning of the cruise from Kawthaung onward to our first nights anchorage.

Our sailing cruise starts at Kawthaung/Myanmar, which you can reach via airplane from Yangoon, or by longtail boat from Ranong, just across the river in Thailand. Get ready for a step back in time! We are leaving Kawthaung after lunch for “Barwell Passage” to anchor there between two scenic islands providing picturesque beaches and a sandspit. We will stay there over night.


Day 2 – Snorkeling, bird spotting and lazing on the beach

Picture of SY Cataleya under anchor in the barwell passage

Anchored for the first night in the Barwell passage.

A relaxing sail brings us to “Palu Bada”. This island group, containing about 12 islands, is a great place to make use of the kayaks. Explore the stunning beaches. Spot some of the rare birds the area is famous for, in the lush foliage behind them. Go snorkeling with colorful tropical fishes on the unspoiled reef – or just relax on deck of our spacious sailing catamaran, soaking in the surroundings of this exceptionally beautiful anchorage.

Day 3 – Pu Nala and Selat Galet: Experience the Moken people first hand!

Traditional Moken Dugout comes to take a look at SY Cataleya

Some Moken children come to take a look at our boat.

A short sail brings us to “Pu Nala” or “Bow Chong Island” how it is called nowadays. Some of the Moken or Salon people, commonly known as Sea Gypsies have settled down here. Having the opportunity to visit one of these villages is a very unique experience. Play football with the children, visit the monastery which doubles as school or just stroll around watching the village life. We continue with a stopover in another bay for a dip in the water and lunch. After hoisting the anchor again in the afternoon we are heading for “Selat Galet”, a hidden passage between two islands. The main attraction here is the abundance of sea eagles circling in the sky looking for prey. Another great thing to do is exploring a mangrove river by kayak. And last, but not least, there is another small Moken village to be visited. A little hint: writing pads and pencils are highly appreciated by the indigenous children.

Day 4 – Clara Island: Snorkeling, beaches and water falls

Fish everywhere under the water at Clara Island in the Mergui Archipelago

Kids explore the crystal clear water with abundant aquatic life at our Clara Island stop.

Clara Island, also known as “Kalaya Kayun” lays on the western border of the Mergui archipelago. Crystal clear waters with an abundance of fish life and coral makes you want to stay in the water forever. The coastline features an abundance of coves and bays to be explored. Most of them with bone white beaches and some even with waterfalls coming down from the rugged boulder formations behind them.


Day 5 – Sailing, beaches and bonfire with BBQ in a hidden cove

Our guests relax before bed on the beach with a BBQ

campfire on the beach with a BBQ in the Mergui archipelago

Heading south under sails after a hearty breakfast and a morning swim brings us to Great Swinton Island or “Kyun Pila”. This is another pearl of the Mergui Archipelago that provides the outstanding underwater world which makes this sailing cruise so special. Do some snorkeling and soak up the sun on one of the many great beaches before we set sail again in the afternoon to relocate to our secret beach for a romantic bonfire and BBQ in the evening.


Day 6 – Cruise to Horburgh and further on to Macleod Island

Following the western edge of the Mergui Archipelago south we will reach Horburgh Island at lunch time. Enjoy the scenery of the huge boulders surrounding this anchorage while indulging in your freshly prepared lunch. Later in the afternoon we set sails again to reach Macleod Island before night fall, which is home to the only bungalow resort in the entire Archipelago.

Day 7 – Hiking, snorkeling and sailing to Davies Island

mergui fish drying in the sun

local islanders dry their fish in the sun with lots of salt.

Macleod Island has several great snorkeling spots on offer but it allows as well for a good workout: Hiking up to the top of the mountain with the reward of a breathtaking view over the surrounding islands of the Mergui Archipelago. In this case it is one or the other, since we still have to make our way to Davies Island (“Than Kyun”). There a freshwater spring awaits you for a refreshing shower. And if there is enough time, St Mathews Island has some stunning beaches to discover as well.

Day 8 – Lagoon Island, White Tip Reef Sharks

We start early for a day of island hopping and exploring. First we sail to Cocks Comb, a small rugged island with a lagoon inside. You can snorkel into the lagoon and there is a good chance of meeting some baby white tip reef sharks at the entrance. Next on our Mergui Cruise itinerary is Horseshoe Island, which is rather a tiny limestone archipelago with a myriad of steep limestone rocks sticking out of the water. We will visit several of these islands before it goes to the night anchorage “Lighthouse Island” close to Kawthaung.

Day 9 – End of your Mergui Luxury Sailing Cruise

Early departure for Kawthaung. After breakfast we will check out of Burma. Either a long tail boat will bring you to Ranong, where our minibus awaits you to bring you to Phuket. Arrival in Phuket around 3 pm. Or you go to the airport and take a flight to Yangon for a connecting flight to your destination.

Boat plan for the SY Cataleya

Boat plan image.

Extra Information and Prices

SY Cataleya has fixed cruising dates for her Mergui safari. Those dates are as follows: 06.12 – 14.12.2014 | 05.02 – 13.02.2015 | 23.02 – 03.03.2015 | 14.03 – 22.03.2015

Master cabins (2 cabins/4 adults & 2 children)€ 2150 /person
Double - bed cabins (2 cabins/ 4 adults)€ 1920 /person
Twin - bed cabin (1 cabin/2 adults)€ 1920 /person
Single surcharge: Standard/ twin cabin € 440 and Master cabin € 460
Children up to 11 years old: 25% discount

Prices include:Prices do not include:
• 8 nights on board• Burma entry & Visa fee: 315.- USD/ person
• 8 breakfasts, 8 lunches & 8 dinners• Beer, wine, spirits, cocktails & soft drinks
• Fruit & snacks, Coffee, tea & drinking water• Air-conditioning €12.- / hour
• Cruise itinerary as supplied• Transfers to and from yacht
• Snorkeling & fishing equipment• Tip for the crew
• Linen & bath towels, 
• 2 x sit-on-top kayaks 


  • Itineraries may change at the discretion of the captain for safety reasons
  • Please bring along: a torch, beach towel, light sleeping bag (if you wish to sleep under the stars), beach shoes, luggage in soft bag, no hard suitcases please
  • Minimum 6 persons to be able to carry out the cruise
  • National park fees and Burma Entry fees to be collected at the beginning of the Mergui Luxury Sailing Cruise ||| | Live Aboard Thailand If you would like more information about the Mergui Archipelago Luxury Sailing Cruise, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We speak both English and German.

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