Luxury Yacht Charter Phuket

Luxury Yacht Charter in Thailand

Luxury Yachts for Game Fishing and Cruising

Luxury Yacht Charter Phang Nga Bay In order to expand our line of luxury yachts, and meet the needs of our highly-valued clients who are looking for more excitement in their holiday, we have contracted as well some luxury motor yachts in Thailand. The MV Splendor/Maritimo 48, MV Reel Blue/Riviera 47  and MV Double Issue/Ferretti 680  are top of the line luxury yachts! All these absolutely awesome yachts are now available for your adventurous holiday on the seas of Thailand. Besides the very comfortable cabins and the spacious salons, these boats are fully equipped with all modern amenities like air condition, flat screen TVs, DVD players and music sound systems.

If you are out for the big game fishing, the MV Reel Blue and the MV Splendor are the right choice for you! Both yachts are equipped with high-end fishing gear, topnotch fighting chairs and reels. Whether for a liveaboard cruise for several days or for a day trip, these boats will provide you and your family and friends with comfort, style and speed. Chartering on of these luxury yachts with Island Cruises will be a valuable addition to your tropical holiday in Thailand.

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Phuket Luxury Yacht SplendorPhuket Luxury Yacht Charter Double IssuePhuket Luxury Yacht Charter Reel Blue

Cruise Itineraries for your Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury Yachts Cruise Phang Nga BayWe will be with you all the way! Island Cruises is professional and well organized company. Our staff can help you to select the right boat and cruising itinerary for you and your party. By using the same precision and care in selecting our sailing yachts and catamarans, we meticulously choose the best available luxury yachts in Thailand, for our clients. When creating a Cruise Itinerary, we take in consideration what would be the best charter yacht for the group of people involved as well as the environment and time of the year in which your cruise will take place. We have designed specific itineraries for each journey on our boats in the Andaman Sea. Have a look at our luxury yacht day trip itineraries for Phi Phi Islands, Racha Islands and the Phang Nga Bay! The Andaman Sea is an amazing place to be nautically explored. With tremendous variations from island to island (from bustling to private during certain times of the day), you will have the chance to see a side of Thailand that most people miss out on, during their scheduled tour vacation. Enjoy the freedom of creating a personalized voyage and take memories home, to cherish, for years to come.

More information about chartering Luxury Yachts in Thailand

Don’t hesitate to ask! We will be eager to help you with any questions you might have about our motor yachts and chartering luxury yachts in Thailand. We will help you to incorporate your personalized luxury yacht cruise into your holiday, we can also help you deciding where the best destination for your party would be at the time of the year. Our goal is to help you shape your vacation in Thailand to be a most memorable one!

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