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Crewed Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing in Thailand – Crewed Yacht Charter

Probably the best way to enjoy a sailing cruise through the tropical paradise islands of the Andaman Sea, the Gulf of Thailand and adjacent countries is a crewed yacht charter on the boats specialized for this task. Kick back and relax while a dedicated crew with extensive local knowledge brings you to the best places the sailing area has on offer. Culinary delights of the Thai cuisine are served on board in remote bays. No cleaning or other menial chore diminishes the pleasure of your sailing holiday.

Overview of our sailing yachts and catamarans specialized on crewed yacht charter in Thailand

While every single bareboat yacht we offer for yacht charter in Thailand is available as well with crew complement, be it just a skipper or fully crewed with skipper, chef and hostess/boat boy, there is as well a range of yachts which is not available as bareboats and which are specialized on skippered or fully crewed yacht charter. Most of the time these yachts offer a better price value for a yacht charter than bareboat yachts with crew complement in general, in particular by offering low occupancy discounts reflecting the real amount of guests taking part on the yacht charter. The pricing of these yachts is usually almost “all inclusive” with only minor expenses like alcoholic drinks and national park fees added to the actual yacht charter price. Chartering these yachts for your sailing holiday is easy and carefree.

Our mono hulls specialized on Crewed Yacht Charter in Thailand

Crewed Charter Koh Tao Freedom Fargo

Our multi hulls specialized on Crewed Yacht Charter in Thailand

Home port Phuket:

Crewed Yacht Charter Phuket Grainger 40 Crewed Yacht Charter Phuket Nakamal Crewed Yacht Charter Phuket Amadeus

Crewed Yacht Charter Phuket Aquila Crewed Yacht Charter Phuket Mozart Crewed Yacht Charter Phuket Bohemian

Home port Samui:

Yacht Charter Samui Nautiness II Yacht Charter Samui Dreamcatcher Crewed Yacht Charter Samui Crazy Horse

Why book a crewed yacht charter with Island Cruises?

This service is unique and you won’t be able to find anything like it anywhere else. Why are our crewed yacht charters so unique? Simply put, it is because of the people who run them. These charter boats are not run by large corporations like in many other locations all over the world. Rather, they are run by individual sailors whose life’s passion is sailing and chartering their yachts is a way to pursue it. The skippers of each boat have an intimate knowledge of their sailing area whether it be the Andaman Sea in the west or the Gulf of Thailand in the east. Most importantly, they truly love the sport and art of sailing.

Sailing Areas for Crewed Yacht Charter in Thailand

Crewed Yacht Charter Ang Thong Most of our yachts are located in Phuket, which is still the main yacht hub of Thailand. From there all destinations in the Andaman Sea are reachable, be it abroad and pretty far away like the Mergui Archipelago or the famous Phang Nga Bay which is already in viewing distance from some of the marinas on Phuket’s east coast. For more in depth information about those areas please have a look at our Sailing Thailand Phuket Area category. Less developed for yacht charter is the Gulf of Thailand. Our crewed yachts in the Gulf of Thailand start from Samui and Koh Tao which are more or less a day sail away of the main sailing and sight seeing attraction: The Ang Thong Marine National Park. For more information about the western Gulf of Thailand please visit our Sailing Thailand Samui Area

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